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List More Custom Field Names


First install & activate the List More Custom Field Names plugin. Then add the following code to your functions.php or your custom plugin file.

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Create Your Own Simple WordPress Plugin


Here I will explain how to create your own simple WordPress plugin to use on your WordPress site. I don’t normally do this because I rarely ever update a theme after I install it on a site, I usually just enter any custom PHP code into my themes functions.php file.¬†But for those of you who […]

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How to Increase WordPress Site PageSpeed Score


Here is a quick guide to how to increase WordPress Site PageSpeed Score, to get your WordPress sites load faster and run better on mobile devices. WordPress websites generally need some work to make everything as fast as possible. I like to use GTmetrix to generate a performance report and look at their recommendations to […]


The Best WordPress Plugins


Here is a giant list of the best WordPress plugins in my opinion… Add Descendants As Submenu Items This plugin has saved me from the problem WordPress has with adding too many menu items. This plugin solves that issue by adding a simple checkbox to each menu item that you can check to have all […]